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Manthano Academy Educators

Debi White (Educator & Director)
Education: M.Ed; BA English (Minor: Classics, Latin Emphasis), Educator since 1981
Teaching Experience: College Instructor, Public and Private School Educator, and Private Suzuki Piano Teacher
Personal Information: Married since 1981; 2 children: 1983, 1988; Son-in-law: 2008, Daughter-in-law: 2010; Grandson: 2010
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Researching, Playing piano/guitar, Biblical hermeneutics, RZIM, Moderate social networking
White teaches English, Latin, history, and religious studies.



Tara Cannon (Educator & Assistant Director)
Education: BS Biology (Minor: Global Studies), Educator since 1998
Teaching Experience: Environmental Educator for museum, Co-Education Director for nature conservatory, Librarian, Tutor, Youth and Adult (Church) Religious Studies
Personal Information: Author, Married since 2008; 1 Child, November 2010
Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Playing piano/guitar, Gardening, Biblical hermeneutics, Hiking, Moderate social networking
Cannon teaches science and math.


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